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Zielona Góra Forest District was founded in 1945 as one of small forest district located around the city of Zielona Góra. Between 1945 and 1992 it underwent multiple changes in territory as well in names (Ochla, Wilkanowo). Current forest district in its boundaries has existed since 01.01.1993 sanctioned by No. 64 Order by Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry Minister (31.12.1992).

Right after the end of war activities in 1994, western lands experienced the development of structures of State Forests. In Zielona Góra region, within the area slightly greater than of the current Zielona Góra Forest District, small forest districts of Przytok and Czerwieńsk were created.

Forests of Zielona Góra Forest District have been privately owned, belonged to landed estates and only small fractions of the area were the forests of Zielona Góra. Management of the forest in German times can be only deduced on the basis of species, appearance and quality of tree stands. The latter were very dense and nurturing activities could be described as negative selection due to which many pine tree stands of older class age currently indicate low diameter. The areas were artificially regenerated, mainly by planting, less often by sowing. Forest management by small owners was carried out according to no plan. Sub-units were cut down regardless of their shape, location or size which contributed to numerous lacks.

Plan of forest management is a document containing description, evaluation, aims, tasks and means of management. 


During the first post-war years the forest districts in the area of Zielona Góra were only in the organization stadium therefore the scope of exploitation and regeneration works were limited due to shortage in administration and workers. Between 1947 and 1950 the first documents for Polish lands were drawn up which would contribute to correct and planned forest management (approximate age-class charts). Provisional management plans were devised and the first plans of definite forest management (undergoing consecutive revisions up until today) were created in 1966.

Plan of forest management is a document containing description, evaluation, aims, tasks and means of the management.