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The area of Zielona Góra Forest District is appealing for tourists due to close proximity of large urban centres and international roads. High level of touristic traffic provides opportunities to promote nature and landscape advantages but also pro-ecological forest management.

Forests surrounding Zielona Góra serve the role of recreation. Pine woods are rich in bilberries and mushrooms. Tree stands of the district are easily accessible to the public thanks to the road network and main touristic lines dedicated to hikers, bikers and enthusiasts of Nordic walking.

Currently on the area of the Forest District there are:

1. Stops and parking places conveniently situated for any hiking, biking or Nordic walking lovers. In the season enthusiasts of mushrooming can take advantage of them as well. The stops are equipped with benches, tables, bins and bike stands.

2. Nature and forest trails:
- "To the Tower"
- trail from Piastowski Park
- didactic and forest trail "Secrets of the Forest"

3. Horseback trails
60 km of trails for horseback enthusiasts exist on the area of Zielona Góra Forest District
- in the area of Ochla
- in the area of Przylep
- in the area of Zielona Góra

4. Tourist/Nordic walking trails
For Nordic walking enthusiasts 19 trails of 320 kilometres have been made available.
- Black - from Czerwieńsk, through Płoty, Drzonów towards Grabowiec;
- Yellow - from Przytok Forest District through Czerwieńsk, Laski towards Ciemnice.
- Green - circle route starting and enging in Zielona Góra running by Przysiółek Rybno Estate, Wilkanów Hill, Ochla and by Przytok Forest District, Jędrzychów, Drzonków, Racula and Zielona Góra
- Red – starts in Zielona Góra, runs towards Świdnica passing by Łochowo (west) and into areas of Nowa Sól Forest District;
- Blue – from Zielona Góra through Piastowskie Heights, Wilkanów Hill, Ochla to Zatonie.

5. Cycling trails
80 kilometres of marked cycling trails exist on the area of the forest district. In addition, the district has offered providing fire escape and management routes for bikers (cycling ring around the city).