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As a result of cooperation with schools of Zielona Góra Forest District area, interesting and varied in terms of subject educational outdoor classes are held. The most attractive are workshops along "To the Tower" nature and forest trail and those on the area of small Jan Skrzetuski arboretum, adjoining the building of the forest district. Various activities and special events are also highly attractive. Each year the Forest District organizes an educational competition "Hand in hand with the environment". So far the greatest group has comprised of students of primary schools and their teachers.

For those who wish to explore secrets of nature and actively rest in the forest:

- didactic trail "To the Tower" leading  to the a landmark, brick fire tower, via two separate ways. It is located on the highest ground, Kosowa Góra. The trail can be explored with a guide who presents the issues in an interesting way. One of the ways starts near the headquarters of the forest district (mini-arboretum of coniferous species is the integral part of the trail). The other way, leading from the amphitheatre near Zawadzkiego "Zośki" Street in Zielona Góra, is filled with informative boards. Both ways are 5 kilometres in total and are gladly visited by children and teenagers.

- An educational field by the headquarters of the Forest District (so called mini-arboretum of coniferous species) where classes are held in an educational room nearby.

Apart from meetings on the trail, foresters reach out to children during lectures in schools and ecology events such as "Cleaning the World", "Earth Day" etc. "Hand in hand with environment" is the competition which entered the calendar of educational events and is organized by Primary School No. 15 in Zielona Góra.