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European Ecological Network Natura 2000 is a kind of system of areas connected one with each other by ecological corridors. These areas form together a coherent ecological network, of which basic task is prevention of biodiversity. It happens through protection of the most valuable and the most rare nature elements.

Nature 2000 areas located on the lands of Zielona Góra Forest District:

  • Area of Special Bird Protection "The Valley of Mid-Odra River", 633.46 ha, located on the lands of Łężyce, Nietków and Laski sub-districts. At least 22 species of birds from the Annex to the 1st Bird Directive and 3 from The Polish Red Book appear (PCK). At times of the hatching season at least 1% of national population of black kite (PCK), red kite (PCK), honey buzzard, grasshopper warbler and penduline tit inhabit the area. Corncrake and garganey appear in a considerably high density (C7).
  • The Krosno Valley of Odra River - the area suggested by non-governmental organizations as part of shadow list subject to social consultations. It is an area important for preservation of meadow complexed and riparian forests and 21 species. It is a valuable ecological tunnel.