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At least a couple of dozens sites of material culture exist on the area of Zielona Góra Forest District, including 6 cemeteries, 1 monument, 1 brick watchtower, 3 posts with bunkers and at least 3 mound sites.

Wilkanów Tower

The most interesting and one of the most valuable of the objects is a brick watchtower (21 metres high), situated on the highest point of the Zielona Góra Embankment - Kosowa Góra (221 metres above sea level). It was built in 1902 by Zielona Góra Winemakers Association to commemorate "the iron chancellor" Otton von Bismarck. It was erected in accordance with architectural pattern developed by Wilhelm Kreis from Dusseldorf. Wooden, metal and brick towers of this kind were built around the world. 238 of them have been built, 168 of which have survived (17 in Poland). Most probably red bricks from the local brickyard in Ceramiczna Street were used to build the tower. Nowadays, the tower is a fire watchtower and an important tourist attraction at the crossing of several trails.

The tower is made available to organized tourists after prior notification to the Forest District Office.

A real phenomenon is location of three museum in places which are not cities. Lubusz Army Museum in Drzonów, Archaeological Museum of Middle Odra Region in Świdnica and Ethnographic Museum in Ochla - each of them is a great attraction for visitors.
Ethnographic Museum, Heritage Park in Ochla - located in a former forester's lodge from 18th century. Within the area of 13 ha over 60 historic objects of folk architecture from four neighbouring ethnographic regions have been collected and preserved. In the heritage park numerous themed events are held all year round - accompanied by fairs of handicraft, workshops and presentations.

Archaeological Museum of Middle Odra Region in Świdnica

It is located in a Renaissance palace from 1602. Archaeological display covers the history of the region up to modern times. Apart from four permanent displays temporary exhibitions are held.

Lubusz Army Museum in Drzonów
Enthusiasts of military will be interested in following the trail leading to Drzonów where the museum is located. The museum features displays of Polish Army dating back to 1914, ancient weapons, and outdoor presentation of heavy army equipment.

The most impressive bunkers are located within the area of Świdnica sub-district, Wilkanowo precinct. Two reinforced concrete bunkers sized 15 metres (height) and 20 metres (diameter), 1.6 metres (wall thickness), 3 metres (flat roof thickness) were built around 1938. They may have been used as fuel storehouse or machine room equipped with generators. German Wrocław Radio was located in the buildings.


Particular oddities of the Zielona Góra Heights are mysterious pits that were often believed to have been bomb craters, but in reality they are results of post-mine damages. Glacier piled up tertiary rocks with brown coal which was later mined around Zielona Góra. Signs of the exploitation are visible in Zielona Góra forest mainly due to pits. The first mineshaft ("Emilia") was opened in 1840 and coal was mined there for over 100 years.

Park and manor complexes

On country areas within territorial reach of Zielona Góra Forest District there are several post-manor parks. Two of them (Arboretum in Nietkowice and a park in Buchałów) are located on the lands administered by the district.

The arboretum in Nietków of research area (1.85ha) was founded in the 1880s by Spaeth school and its main aim was gathering a collection of exotic coniferous and broadleaf forests. The collection (around 150 species) was permeated during the flood of summer 1997 and 220 various trees died as a result. Under permission of Provincial Environment Restorer, the trees were removed and currently the Municipal Council of Czerwieńsk is carrying out a program of arboretum's restoration.

Buchałów Park is on the area 2.27 ha. The tree stand of park character includes 8 approved nature monuments 1986. Four of them are English oaks, two northern red oaks, European yew, and one London planetree (collective monument of two trees). The current state of the tree stand indicates to the fact that the character of the park was developed around 1920. The park adjoins Buchałów-Drzonów road and village buildings therefore it is subject to human pressure and dangers inflicted by human activities. The object is included in the register of monuments of the Lubuskie province.

Archaeological sites

26 archeological sites recorded in the Archaeological Museum of Middle Odra Region in Świdnica are connected with the woods of Zielona Góra Forest District and its surrounding areas. Six of them were included in the register of monuments in 1971. The greatest density of archaeological sites is to the north of the village of Letnica, between Świdnica and Piaski and between Sudoł - Płoty - Czerwieńsk and Wysokie.

In a department of Łeżyce, Nietków precinct exists a small brick monument created prior to the Second World War commemorating the death of a local district forester. The writing on the monument says in German: "„Dem Andenken des Oberförsters Klee 1867-1908" [trans. "In the memory of a district forester Klee 1867-1908"].